Unity Thai Language School began in 2001 on the 15th floor of the Times Square Building as Mitsamphan Language School. It began from a group of teachers who already had many years of teaching the Thai language. They had a dream to open a school specifically to teach Thai to foreigners who come to live, visit, or work in Thailand. They wanted to create a comfortable learning environment for listening, speaking, reading, and writing correct Thai.
After gaining the approval of the Ministry of Education, UTL opened offering beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes. Introductory classes began with Thai sounds, and basic vocabulary and sentence structures. Intermediate level course material focused on reading and writing, while advanced classes covered advanced vocabulary, syntax, and grammar. Students who completed the advanced classes, proving their level of achieved fluency, were awarded a certificate.
In 2011, UTL changed the Thai name from Mitsamphan Language School to Ekephap Language School, however, the English translation, Unity Thai Language School, remained unchanged. That same year, UTL moved from the 15th floor to the 18th floor of the Times Square building to accommodate more students.
Now, UTL has developed a reputation for its excellent teaching staff, proven methods, and years of experience. Every faculty member carries a passion for teaching the language, culture, and heart of the Thai people.